Flights: Houston (IAH) to Central America under $376

[05/19/2014 @ 12:57 PM] This fare was last seen alive on Orbitz. [05/19/2014 @ 08:00 PM] This fare looks dead now. Round-trip flights out of Houston (IAH) to a lot of destinations in Central America are going for less than $376 right now. Most routes require at least one stop. Note: Booking must be completed by the end of today. Here’s a full list of what I’m seeing:

  • $330: Houston (IAH) > Tegucigalpa, Honduras (TGU)
  • $330: Houston (IAH) > San Pedro Sula, Honduras
  • $366: Houston (IAH) > Belize (BZE) on American.
  • $354: Houston (IAH) > Liberia Canton (LIR) on American.
  • $359: Houston (IAH) > Guatemala City, Guatemala (GUA) on American.
  • $364: Houston (IAH) > San Salvador, El Salvador (SAL) on American.
  • $369: Houston (IAH) > Panama (PTY) on American.
  • $376: Houston (IAH) > Managua, Nicaragua (MGA) on American.

Flight Details:

  • Availability: Most days starting this month for the next three months. Booking must be done today. Sale ends today.
  • Departure and Destination Airports: IAH – ???
  • Example Dates: N/A
  • Carrier: American
  • Fare Class:
  • CPM: N/A
  • Full Route: IAH – ??? – ???

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