Our updated list of coupon codes, discount codes, gift card discounts, and credit card bonuses as of 07/15/2023

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We update our list of the best limited time offers every week, but we only send out this recap when there have been significant additions to the list. In this post we list coupon codes, discount codes, gift card discounts, and we watch for increases in credit card offers.

Current standout offers are a new 120,000 card sign-up offer which is almost enough points to qualify for a Southwest Companion Pass, some new Hopper coupons: $50 off Portugal, $50 off Panama City Florida, $50 off Savannah flights, and more.

We didn’t find any worthwhile gift-card discounts that were better than the “-10% off” threshold. Details below.

Here are some other offers that we think are worth mentioning. List updated 02/06/2024.

We now list coupon codes, discount codes, gift card discounts, and credit card offers that offer a better value than their historical averages.

  • Airfare/Hotel coupons on Hopper: (updated daily-ish) Hopper always has discount coupons on their main page. $150 off Singapore Airlines flights to Singapore, $50 off Royal Air Maroc flights, $50 off Air India flights, $50 off Fiji Airways, $20 Porter Airlines, $50 off select Etihad flights, and more. The full list is on Hopper’s website. Keep in mind that Hopper is an OTA, so don’t expect them to honor the free 24-hour cancellation period, or to have the lowest base fare price. Hopper will try to up-sell you on a lot of extras like “cancel for any reason” policies, if you decide to use Hopper we advise that you decline all of those extras.
  • It is common to find Southwest and Alaska Airlines gift-cards for sale at a discount of about -$50 to -$20 off the redeemable value at Costco and Sam’s Club. Before you finalize your booking on either of these airlines, you should check to see if you can save more money by using a gift card.