Cheap Flights: Austin to Las Vegas $110* r/t nonstop

[06/01/2014 @ 2:27 PM] This fare was last seen here: Allegiant.
[06/24/2014 @ 2:13 PM] Fare has dropped to $120*. (Was $130)
[07/17/2014 @ 1:03 AM] Updated itinerary. It now points to a $110 set of dates.
[08/03/2014 @ 12:27 AM] Price now $112.
[09/07/2014 @ 9:53 PM] Removed. Price is now $240.

This is an update to an older post. I’ve updated the details to reflect the new low price and republished it to the front page.

There are cheap round-trip nonstop flights from Austin (AUS) to Las Vegas (LAS) on Allegiant  for $120* right now. *Price does not include carry-on bag fee of $15 each way. If you’re creative with packing a “Personal Item” you can avoid this fee entirely.

I usually don’t feature flights from discount carriers like Allegiant or Spirit because getting around the fees can offset the low ticket price. I’ll make an exception for this one though, since the price is a third of the cost of the flight from Houston (IAH). Ignore the deals on Ultra-discount carriers if you want, but I won’t. For this price I would need to fly to Vegas three separate times round-trip to match the cost of the United flight. Which would you rather have: 2,444 increasingly crappy United MileagePlus miles worth about $36.66 in future travel or $231 in real people money?

0% mile accrual, but who cares. Cold hard cash wins here.

This fare does not look like it is available on third-party travel vendors such as Expedia or Orbitz. From what I can tell, it is only available at the Allegiant booking site.

* = This price is possible if you avoid the carry-on bag fee, print your boarding pass before you go to the airport, pay with a debit card, skip seat selection, and decline trip insurance (its useless anyways). If you are packing light, you can avoid the carry-on bag fee if your bag is 7 in. x 15 in. x 16 in. or smaller. Generally speaking, a messenger bag or small backpack will be within these dimensions. If you want to bring a larger carry-on bag, the fee is $15 each way which is lower than most other discount airlines. You should review the [Allegiant fee page] in detail before committing.

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Amazon actually has a good number of bags that are close enough to “personal item” dimensions to get by. One of their most popular bags with over 1000 positive reviews is this one linked here:

This is a 13 x 16.7 x 8.5 bag. It’s a bit bigger than the 15 x 16 x 7 dimensions, but I don’t think it will be a problem if you don’t over-pack it.

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Flight Details:

  • Availability: Scattered through August and September. Go to the Allegiant website and it will allow you to see each month in a calendar view, pick the days where the low fare shows up. Best days seem to be Mondays with Friday returns.
  • Departure and Destination Airports: AUS – LAS
  • Example Dates: Sunday, October 5th – Friday, October 10th
  • Carrier: Allegiant
  • Fare Basis Code:
  • Fare Class: About as Discount as you can get.
  • Mile Accrual: 0%
  • Stopover component: none.
  • CPM: N/A
  • Full Route: AUS – LAS – AUS
  • Open this itinerary at: Allegiant

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