Ideas: Houston to Amsterdam to Bombay to Paris for $1052?

[06/25/2014 @ 2:25 PM] Open this itinerary here: Orbitz.
[07/01/2014 @ 9:40 AM] Orbitz link now points to different dates, as original dates used in this post are now more expensive.
[08/31/2014 @ 12:23 AM] Removed from deal list. Will re-add when I’m able to find a similar fare with similar components.

NOTE: This is an OLD post, but it’s still useful as an example of how Stopovers work.


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Today I noticed that the fare that I used to construct the example itinerary in a previous post [How to find free stopovers on low cost airfare] was still active and available, so I’m going to break that out into its own post because I really love free stopovers. So consider this: It currently costs about $1185 to fly round-trip from Houston (IAH) to Amsterdam (AMS). If you’re going to do that, you may as well put that fare to work. Instead, you could fly from Houston to Amsterdam and spend a few days (or more) there, then to Mumbai (Bombay) India to do the same, then to Paris to spend some more time and then back home for less than the cost of the round-trip itinerary.

Here is the proposed itinerary: (available here: Orbitz)

  • Flight 1: Fri. Sep. 5, Houston, TX (IAH) to Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)
  • Flight 2: Wed. Sep. 10, Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) to Mumbai, India (BOM)
  • Flight 3: Wed. Sep. 17, Mumbai, India (BOM) to Paris, France (PAR)
  • Flight 4: Wed. Sep. 24, Paris, France (PAR) to Houston, TX (IAH)
IAH - AMS - BOM - CDG - Free Stopovers 4
We’re going to pull this off for about a grand.

If you want to know more about how this itinerary was created, you should read the post mentioned earlier. It goes through everything.

$1052 and non-stops on every leg of the trip.

Ready to start planning? WikiTravel is a good place to start:

Flight Details:

  • Availability: Lots of availability. Mostly in September and October.
  • Documentation: Visa required for India. Details: [US State Department: India]
  • Departure and Destination Airports: IAH – BOM
  • Example Dates: See itinerary details in post.
  • Carrier: Delta / KLM
  • Fare Basis Code: VLPR1US
  • Fare Class: V
  • Mile Accrual: 100%
  • Stopover component: four. one free, three for $100.
  • CPM: 5.63
  • Full Route: iah – ams – bom – cdg – iah
  • Open this itinerary on: Orbitz

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