Free WiFi outside of United Club at IAH – Escape Houston

IMG_1201If you’ve ever wondered why there are always people outside the United Club at IAH with their laptops and tablets, it’s because the WiFi access point is free and wide open to anyone in range. Download speeds are actually pretty decent for a free access point and the broadcast signal is clear enough that I can sit in the comfy chairs near my gate. Actually, I wrote this post while sitting in terminal A9 waiting for my Air Canada flight to Calgary.

The SSID is united_club, and the network type supports 802.11 b/g/n.

While most of you already know about this, I’m sure that this will be helpful to those that don’t know about it.

They really should slap a password or a web gateway on it, but as of now it’s open to anyone who can see it.

united club speedtest
Here’s the speedtest output for united_club