How to sign-up for Frontier EarlyReturns after you’ve booked

I’m sure many of you will be flying Frontier Airlines for the first time soon due to the recent sale they had. If you haven’t done so already, you should sign up for Frontier’s EarlyReturns program and attach it to your account before you go on your trip. Why? Because IAH – SFO is 3270 miles round-trip. A free one-way redemption on Frontier’s program is 10,000; the lowest among the domestic carriers. If you were able to book your ticket for $28.48 then 3270 miles works out to be 0.87 cents per mile. On this site, a CPM under 5.9 is considered a bargain, under 4.0 is a steal, and anything under 2.0 is a rare sight, like Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster.

Which is why after getting my booking confirmed I immediately created a EarlyReturns account on Frontier and then attached that EarlyReturns account number to my ticket. I did that because the miles in most airlines’ frequent flyer programs are valuable. In the case of Frontier, I value their miles at 1.0 CPM. In other words, I believe that the miles are worth one Cent Per Mile of future travel or other things. In my case, that works out to be $32.70 of something, which means that for this flight Frontier just paid me $4.22 to take a trip to San Francisco. That’s like being paid a free taco and getting a free flight on the side!

Even if you’re never planning on flying Frontier ever again, you have a few options on what you could do with your miles.

  1. You could donate them to Charity.
  2. You could use to transfer the points into your preferred program.
  3. You could use them at MagsforMiles for Magazine subscriptions.

What you shouldn’t do in my opinion is nothing at all, because that’s a sad waste, especially when you can give the miles to the American Cancer Society and other great Charities.

Is it possible to sign up after I’ve booked a Ticket? Will I still get credit?

According to Frontier’s representative on Twitter, you can add it any time during your trip. You can also do so before your trip, which is what I’m suggesting.

Frontier Airlines Early Returns

Ok. Where do I sign-up?

  1. Go to Frontier’s site [].
  2. Fill in the details and press “Create Account”

You will get an e-mail with your EarlyReturns Membership Number. Save that e-mail for future reference.

How do I attach the number to my airfare?

  1. Go to Frontier’s front page [].
  2. Select “Manage Travel” from the Menu Bar at the top of the page.
  3. Select “My Flights”.
  4. Enter your Reservation Code and your Last Name, then Press Retrieve Booking. (if you booked on Expedia or Orbitz, it will be in their confirmation e-mail)
  5. Select “Change Passenger Details”.
  6. Under “Additional Preferences” Select “Frequent Flyer Program”.
  7. Enter in the Membership Number you received when you signed up.
  8. Hit Save Changes.

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