Cheap Flights: Houston to Cancun $165 nonstop r/t – VivaAerobus

[11/19/2014 @ 10:20 AM] Open this itinerary on:
[11/26/2014 @ 10:00 AM] There is a 99% off airfare coupon. Use “TURKEY”.
[12/02/2014 @ 8:01 AM] Fare is still bookable due to another sale for “zero” fare cost (must still pay taxes / fees)

NOTE: I’ve run into problems with VivaAerobus on my last flight with them. If you’re thinking of booking this, please read my review of Viva here first: [Flight Review: VivaAerobus – Houston to Cancun].

Last month, JBH1970 sent me a message on Twitter that he was able to book a nonstop from Houston (IAH) to Cancun (CUN) on an airline I had never heard of before — VivaAerobus. After researching this airline for a while, I plan to use them to visit Cancun early next year. There is currently a coupon code available that basically reduces this price to just the fees and airport taxes.

VivaAerobus is currently offering nonstop round-trip tickets from Houston (IAH) to Cancun, Mexico (CUN) for $165 at the moment. This price is about $450 cheaper than most comparable United nonstop flights.11-26-14-iah-cun1

Unlike most discount carriers, this price includes checked and carry-on bags. Check the VivaAerobus website for baggage allowance weights and dimensions.

Note: After you enter in your name and details, be sure to DESELECT any services such as priority boarding if you want to avoid any fees. In my experience, there is a fee for Credit and Debit card usage, this fee was about $17 and I wasn’t able to avoid it. When I booked my ticket, my fees added about $27 to the total cost of my trip.

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Flight Details:

  • Availability: Seems to be available season wide with flights starting in December. No flights operate on Sunday or Tuesday.
  • Documentation: Passport required.
  • Departure and Destination Airports: IAH – CUN
  • Example Dates: Jan 10 – Jan 15
  • Carrier: VivaAerobus
  • Fare Basis Code:
  • Fare Class:
  • Mile Accrual:
  • Stopover component:
  • CPM: 10.97 (1622 miles)
  • Full Route: iah-cun-iah
  • Open this itinerary on:

Destination information:

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  1. Lindsey said:

    Appreciate the heads up on amazing rates on a terrible airline. They cancelled our flight for tomorrow, Dec 13th, on the 12th, and set the new flight for the 12th and screwed us out of canceling our hotel reservation. But thank you for the tease on an airline that will change whenever flights when they feel

    December 12, 2014
    • That sucks to hear. Especially since I’ve booked my own travel with them for January. Did they give you a reason why the flight on the 13th was cancelled?

      December 12, 2014
      • Lindsey said:

        No explanation, just an itinerary email with our fly out date moved up a day, with only a 2 day notice. No where did it mention that they actually cancelled our original flight then rebooked us on an earlier one. The email was still worded like our original confirmation.

        December 12, 2014
        • I just checked my reservation, and my dates have shifted up one. Which means that I’ll have to make some serious changes as well. I’m sorry, this was a bad deal for both of us. I won’t be featuring their deals in the future.

          December 12, 2014
          • Also, thanks for letting me know about this.

            December 12, 2014
          • Lindsey said:

            No worries, than you for replying. My girlfriend and I love your website and will continue to recommend our friends to check y’all out. Cheers!

            December 12, 2014
          • Thanks. Just so you know, I called the airline and asked them what the options were.

            1. You can change your dates to some other dates without a charge.
            2. You can cancel and get a voucher for future travel.
            3. You can cancel and get the money back minus extras such as VIP boarding, and some other fees.

            You’ll need to point out that the airline changed your dates and the new dates aren’t acceptable.

            I realize that it will not be possible for you to change or cancel your dates due to them not notifying you until it was too late, but maybe there’s something there that you can work with.

            I plan on accepting my new dates, but this is obviously a serious problem that they need to fix on their end.

            December 12, 2014
          • Hi Lindsey. I’ve been contacted by a representative of Viva about this. They were asking if you would be willing to provide your reservation number so they can take a look. I know that the travel dates have already passed, but they may be able to send you some compensation for the last minute change to your travel plans.

            If you’re interested, send me your itinerary with the 6 character reservation code via a private message on my facebook page.

            December 18, 2014

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