Stuck in Houston: Japan Festival – April 13/14


Note: The Stuck in Houston posts are off-topic and cover interesting things to do in Houston.

The Japan Festival will be going on this weekend. If you’re stuck in Houston it’s a pretty cool way to pass the time. Location: Herman Park. Admission is free, but they over-charge for food and beer. A can of Asahi is going for 5-tickets ($5). My advice: Don’t buy beer there, bring your own. Hit Specs and load up on some good Japanese beer and sake.

Here is a list of the main Japanese breweries:

  1. Sapporo – Sapporo Original Draft goes with anything, and the colder it is the better it is. I like it.
  2. Kirin – Kirin Ichiban is neither good nor crappy. It is somehow exceptionally mediocre!
  3. Asahi – Over-produced and meant for mass consumption, there’s no love in Asahi Super Dry, but people drink it anyways. It’s the Japanese equivalent of our craptastic domestic “I’m just drinking this because I want something to slam back” beer.
  4. Suntory – Not sure if you can get Suntory Malt Beer here, but if you can find it, load up. It’s quite good.
  5. Kiuchi Brewery – Makers of the fantastic Hitachino Nest White Ale.

Ok, those last two; I’ve never seen in Houston. I’ve been looking but no luck. I think Spec’s carries Sapporo Premium and Original draft though.

-R. P. Artemio out.