Flights: Dallas (DFW) to Denver (DEN) $87 round-trip

$87 round-trip fare on Frontier to Denver (DEN) from Dallas (DFW) popping up right now. If you don’t mind making the drive to Dallas to take a flight, you can get in on an amazing round-trip fare to Denver for flights in May. Worth the drive in my opinion.

DFW - DEN 04.16.2013This same flight from IAH is going for about $200, so unless you’re in a fuel inefficient vehicle you should save about $120 for your time. Still, it’s a long drive of 252 miles between IAH and DFW. You’re basically driving a quarter of the way to Denver, but I thought I would go ahead and post this just in case anyone really wanted to get there for cheap. I was able to pull up an example itinerary on Orbitz. I didn’t check the other sites.


  • Availability: Flights seem available now until the end of May. Friday and Monday flights cost more.
  • Example Dates: Saturday May 04 (05/04) – Wednesday May 08 (05/08)
  • Carrier: Frontier

You can easily use the Expedia and Hotwire booking widgets on the right sidebar of this post to plug in the dates and search directly from this site, but I wasn’t able to pull up this deal on Expedia so try using Orbitz. Make sure to give yourself about 4 hours of drive time to make your flight.

Have a good one!
-R. P. Artemio!