Earn United Miles with iTunes!

I love getting miles that I don’t have to work for! The MileagePlus shopping portal is an easy way to get points for your purchases and you deal directly with the merchant. We’ll cover how to use iTunes and MileagePlus together in this post.

The way it works is pretty simple: Log into United’s shopping portal, select your retailer, and buy something just as you normally would. Your MileagePlus account will receive a credit within a few weeks, but the exact turn around depends on the merchant.

Let’s step through an example where we buy some music from iTunes.

Free miles from United MileagePlus Shopping PortalClicking on the iTunes link on United’s shopping portal actually starts up the iTunes application on my PC. As long as I use United’s shopping portal page and don’t start iTunes directly; I’ll get reward credit. I won’t go into the technical details in depth but basically when you click the link on United’s page iTunes knows how to handle the credit back to your MileagePlus account because the link contains all the details it needs to do so.

Now that iTunes has started up via the United Shopping link, any music I buy will get a MileagePlus credit!

Keta (Remixes) - EP - Josh Dupont

Free miles for buying music from iTunes! :)

Pick a track, click buy, and you’re done. You don’t need to do anything different than what you normally do except use the United shopping portal to start iTunes.

Those of you that hold a Chase or AmEx reward card will probably notice that United’s portal is almost exactly the same as Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall or the American Express Membership Rewards Mall. I’m itching to write a post on those two portals, but I wanted to go over this one first because it’s accessible to anyone that has a MileagePlus account. The Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall and American Express Mall require that you be a card holder with them so entry is more restrictive. I won’t be covering those travel credit cards or their malls in this post, but it’s a vast subject that I definitely want to go into detail later.

There are lots of good quality merchants that are participating with this program, so if you’re about to buy something online, then you should check United’s mall to see if they have a link to the store you’re about to use.

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can acquire points when you pair this with other award programs and stick to it. My advice is that you should always be acquiring miles whenever you can; especially if it doesn’t require a major change to the way you do things.

So, to recap:

  1. Login to the MileagePlus shopping portal.
  2. Click the link for iTunes on the shopping portal page.
  3. The webpage will start iTunes in a way that links your purchases to United’s reward program.
  4. You don’t need to start iTunes this way if you just want to listen to music.
  5. You do need to start iTunes this way if you want to get a miles credit for your purchase.

Every iTunes purchase is now pushing you one small step closer to a free flight to who knows where. Isn’t that awesome?

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