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Mastodon is decentralized social media. Very similar to Twitter, but with the following major differences: First, It’s ad free. Second, There isn’t a content algorithm, it’s a stream of posts in chronological order from the people you decide to follow. Mastodon is faster than our E-mail notification system, so if you’re getting our notifications via E-mail and want something faster, directly to your phone, consider following us there.

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I switched to the Disqus comment system today. It should allow you to add comments to posts properly. The previous system was pretty buggy and didn’t work most of the time. Hopefully this will work better and it supports logins from Facebook, Google, Twitter and Disqus.

I have the comment system to load on a conditional click, this will keep the comment system out of the way unless you actually click to load it. This was done to improve page load speeds. Give it a try below and let me know what you think. There will probably be some bugs with the system, so if you find one shoot me a message on facebook.

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Administrative Updates

Administrative Updates