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[06/19/2014 @ 12:12 PM] Deal looks dead. Price increased to $280.

United Airlines flights from Austin (AUS) to San Francisco (SFO) are on sale right now. Tickets are $227 non-stop round-trip. To those of you that are reluctant to make the drive to catch the flight, consider this: The amount of time you would spend driving to Austin (AUS) plus the flight is less than the total travel time for the $339 flight out of IAH with a layover.

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If you’re going to drop about $1000 on airfare to Asia you should probably just do this instead.
Fly from Houston to Tokyo, then take the Shinkansen (Japan’s high-speed bullet train) to Kyoto and Osaka then catch a flight to Jakarta, hang out there for a while before catching a flight to check out Singapore, eat a chili-crab, then finally, after all of that, get on a plane back home to Houston for $1258 flights + $148 rail.

This itinerary makes good use of the fare’s free open-jaw and paid-stopover.
[07/10/2014 @ 1:04 PM] This fare looks dead.

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So, what ya doing for July 4th? I think you should go on a science expedition to compare the beaches of Cancun (CUN) to Miami (MIA) for $304. Flights leaving July 4th from Houston (IAH). It probably won’t last long. This is a multi-destination itinerary that is pretty awesome.

[06/16/2014 @ 11:17 AM] Deal is dead. Price now $616.

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United is rocking it with the cheap flights tonight. Flights from Houston (IAH) to Thessaloniki, Greece (SKG) are $740 for a round-trip with either one or two stops. Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and offers a lot of opportunity to visit the surrounding region. There are some cheaper fares available if you can handle a long layover of 10+ hours. There was no stopover component found in the fare basis rules.

[06/16/2014 @ 11:25 AM] United / Aegean still valid – 100% accrual. Turkish also doing $690 0% accrual, but will give you a stopover.
[10/06/2014 @ 11:56 PM] Added to “Flight deals that look cheap, but aren’t worth posting about”.

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It looks like United is on a roll this evening. Cheap flights to Cairo, Egypt (CAI) are showing up at $802 for round-trip flights from Houston (IAH). No stopover component found in the fare basis rules, but you should always double check. I may have missed something. United and Air Canada seem to be handling the bulk of the traffic.

NOTE: This route will no longer be actively monitored. From a pure CPM basis, flights from Houston to Cairo will always seem deal-worthy. If this route isn’t on a Lufthansa / United sale, it will be on a KLM / Delta / Air France sale. If it’s on neither of those, you can get it for about $650 on Turkish. I’m leaving this as an “active deal” indefinitely. I will not send out notifications unless the route falls below $650 round-trip.

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There is a really nice fare to Beijing, China (PEK) from Houston (IAH) for round-trip trip with 2-stops on United. The fare rules allow for two stopovers total (1 each way) for $100. So if you wanted to, you could add Hong Kong (HKG) and for about $120 more and maybe some place else in Asia for the same… be creative.

[06/20/2014 @ 01:24 PM] Deal is basically dead. Price is now $874.

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