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I’m really a bit surprised at how many people have contacted me recently looking for fares on Southwest but have no clue on what I’m talking about when I tell them that they should be using the Calendar search function on Southwest Airlines website.

So… Let’s nip this one in the bud. If you’re not using the Fare Calendar when you’re looking for fares on Southwest Airlines, you’re doing it wrong.

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Today, I was informed by a reader here that VivaAerobus had changed their Houston to Cancun flight departure from Saturday to Friday. VivaAerobus sent no e-mail, and provided no notification that this was happening. I have my own travel booked with them in January, and I had to manually pull up my itinerary on their website to see that my flights were affected as well. From what I can tell, VivaAerobus has changed their schedule to where no flights leave from Houston to Cancun on a Friday or Tuesday. So if you had a flight with them on those days, you’ll probably be affected as well.

My main problem with this airline is that there was no notification sent out that they were making a broad change to their itinerary. As such, I won’t be featuring flights on VivaAerobus again, ever.

As for my flights, I’ll probably modify my travel plans to return a day earlier since I’m getting there a day earlier now.

Click for more details and booking links VivaAerobus is leaving a bad impression on me…

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