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Last week, while I was in Buenos Aires, I got to experience first hand what systemic capital flight looks like. This probably isn’t something that’s going to come up in your Lonely Planet guide, but if you’re planning on visiting Argentina anytime soon it’s important to know how Argentina’s black market currency exchange works and why it exists.

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There aren’t a lot of new travel deals popping up today, so here are some pictures of cats in a cemetery from Buenos Aires.
La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires was built in 1822 and was once the garden of a nearby church. Roaming around the passageways in the graveyard are numerous cats.

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Budget Travel Buenos Aires Featured

Budget Travel Buenos Aires Featured

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Today, after over four decades of providing domestic service, Southwest is officially going international. This should eventually increase competition for Caribbean and Mexican routes and that is a great thing because those routes are vastly under-served and ridiculously overpriced.

Consequently, to kick off this milestone, Southwest has announced a new vacation package promotion (Flight + Hotel) for Mexico and the Caribbean.

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