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Hawaii is currently restricting travel to its islands. At the start of the COVID pandemic Hawaii closed its borders as much as it could, but now it’s possible to enter without quarantine if you have a valid COVID test. At the moment, one cannot simply jump on a plane to Hawaii, you have to follow their rules. We made this post to inform y’all of the steps required to enter and to prevent unnecessary stress.

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I’m really a bit surprised at how many people have contacted me recently looking for fares on Southwest but have no clue on what I’m talking about when I tell them that they should be using the Calendar search function on Southwest Airlines website.

So… Let’s nip this one in the bud. If you’re not using the Fare Calendar when you’re looking for fares on Southwest Airlines, you’re doing it wrong.

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Those of you who are wanting to track cheap flights from Dallas / Fort Worth should check out Cheap DFW our sister site that only tracks those deals leaving from DFW / DAL.

If you live closer to those airports or, just want to track the deals coming out of them then please follow Cheap DFW on Facebook and subscribe to the e-mail newsletter on that site. If you have friends in Dallas, please let them know about our site. Thanks!

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