About Escape Houston

Escape Houston is a travel blog that covers anything related to travel from Houston to anywhere else. This isn’t a blog about Houston; it’s about bailing-out, skipping town and going on vacation for as cheaply as possible.

The main focus of this site is covering airfare and travel deals that would be useful to those of us in Houston while filtering out all the noise. This site is also my personal travel blog, and I’ll be writing about my own travel experiences here.

You’ll still find valuable posts and content here even if you aren’t in Houston. You’ll just need to adjust the variables toward your own unique location; wherever it may be.

Who am I to give you advice? Well, I’m not one of the lucky ones that gets to travel on the company dime, and I’m not rich. Statistically, this puts me in the same boat as most people; probably in the same boat as yourself. If you’re viewing this page, I’m assuming that we’re at least similar in our love for travel, and if you live in Houston, then you will probably benefit from the content that I’m going to cover here. That said, you’re reading the blog of someone that doesn’t work in the travel industry, barely makes Silver Primer status on United, and has been known to be totally wrong. In any case, I hope that you do find the posts on this blog useful and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.

-Ren. P. Artemio